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This 100% pure premium leaf powder,  sourced directly from deep within the jungles of Borneo, has quickly become the 'Signature Strain' for our company.  Choice genetics, carefully preserved through modern botany techniques, give this strain a character and alkaloid profile that is highly desired by many modern kratom researchers.  Sometimes referred to as 'Old School Kratom' by our enthusiastic customers, this is our version of the ever-popular "Bali".

Maeng  Da

This premier example of Mitragyna comes from our oldest and most experienced plantation growers in Kalimantan. Fresh and aromatic, this product is exclusively made from carefully hand-selected leaves, free from blemishes and in the peak of health. This offering truly lives up to the name "Maeng Da".


Red  Horn

This Indonesian Red Horn is the 'Pride and Joy" strain of our Kalimantan plantation.   Made from sun-ripened, fully mature leaves, and displaying all of the typical identifying characteristics of a "red" veined variety of kratom, this continues to be one of our most popular strains.

Green  Horn

The Green Horn has become a customer favorite from the very first product samples we sent out. Made from large, fully grown, mid-season leaves, the Green Horn is a denser, 'heavier' product and displays the full spectrum of biochemical diversity you can expect from peak harvest product. A variation on one of the "classic" strains of the kratom industry, this leaf has earned its place as a much beloved cornerstone of our collection.


White  Horn

Rich in alkaloids, this White Horn is the counter-point to our Red Horn leaf. As a "classic" strain of the kratom community, White Horn has been a cherished customer favorite for many years. Displaying the characteristic alkaloid profile of  'white' veined varieties, this is a superb example of what a "white" Indonesian kratom powder can be.

Wahyu's Best

Using select leaves from select trees, this would have been called Maeng Da, if only Wahyu was the boss. We certainly would have a hard time calling this "Second Best". Wahyu's Best is a premier example of a white strain of Mitragyna Speciosa. Bright and powerful, yet devoid of some of the overpowering notes sometimes found in white kratom stains, this variety has been described as a gentler,  more 'friendly' white veined leaf.


Although officially banned in by the Malaysian Government in 1952, kratom from this region has remained a popular item of commerce to this day. Sharing many of the climatic and environmental conditions of neighboring Kalimantan, the kratom produced by Malaysian farmers is every bit as desirable as the more popular Indonesian products that fill out the market today. Our 'Maylasian' is grown from select cuttings provided by local producers with decades of experience, and are maintained in the very same geography as our Indonesian-origin trees ensuring a sustainable, consistent and LEGAL supply of these unique plants. This particular cultivar is considered a 'every mans leaf' by many of its fans, with a mixture of both ends of the spectrum of alkaloid content. Not too Red, not too White, but just right!


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