How do I use Bitcoin with

Anytime you would like to make a purchase using Bitcoin, just send an email to "" with the desired items and their quantities (taxes and shipping are included in all prices) . You will then be given an total amount due and a Bitcoin address for payment. 

Thats it.

​No accounts to setup, no personal identity information to verify, no third parties, no delays with processing.

So at 6640USD/BTC for an example exchange rate, a kilo of Bali at 130.00USD would be 0.019578BTC sent to t1Hsisn0TaR34LB17k01nad6r3ssS4FakE

[Please DO NOT send funds to this fake example address]

We are currently offering the market Bitcoin exchange rate, averaged over several markets, adjusted every 24 hours. ​See below for an estimation of the current Bitcoin exchange rate.

All Bitcoin transactions must be completed and confirmed within TWENTY-FOUR hours. Failure to complete and confirm transactions within the twenty-four hour window will result in the  cancellation of the sale.

Priority express shipping upgrades are available for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

Please note: If a sale is canceled because of a confirmation timeout, any Bitcoin payment addresses used for the sale will be invalidated and any funds payed-in will be refunded (when appropriate). Following a timeout, you will need to contact our Sales department for a new Bitcoin payment address and payment total before the sale can proceed.

Our prices are as follows:

500g is 80USD
1kg is 150USD
3kg (Any Three Strains) 450USD
5kg (Any Five Strains) 550USD   *BEST VALUE*

Like all Colorado internet sales, Bitcoin transactions are subject to a 4.9% sales tax according to local law.

Don't use Bitcoin? We also accept money orders for payment. Please see our 'Order' page for more details