With the cooperation of our expert Indonesian plantation growers, and a dedicated and experienced business staff, Kratom5280 has continually sought to elevate the standard for world-class kratom suppliers.

Here at Kratom5280 quality and consistency are our trademarks.


Through a carefully maintained genetic bank, and the incorporation of modern agricultural techniques with the traditional Indonesian growing methods, our suppliers have pushed the consistency and sustainability of this product to a entirely new level.

We source directly from plantation growers in beautiful Kalimantan Indonesia; families with decades of experience in producing the highest-quality, most alkaloid-laden leaves possible.


Each tree is lovingly cared for during its production life and then replanted on a rotational basis once that time has passed. This guarantees our kratom is produced only from leaves taken from trees in the peak of health, and is another measure to help ensure the long-term sustainability of this crop for the farmers and  their families.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, regarding our products, our business, or our connection to the people who grow this amazing plant, please feel free to contact us.

  • 100% Pure Premium-Grade Kratom Leaf Powder. Produced in the Traditional Manner to Traditional Specifications

  • Zero Chemical Fertilizers or Pesticides Used

  • Sustainably Harvested by Locals, Who are Paid a Fair Wage

  • All Products Shipped in Hermetically Sealed, Mylar Moisture Barrier Bags  for Maximum Quality Retention

  • Select 'Heirloom' Genetics -- Choice Strains, Meticulously Preserved Using Modern Botanical Techniques

  • Absolutely ZERO  'Rainy Season' Harvesting    

  • Fast, Discrete Shipping (Saturdays Included)

  • Bulk Discounts Available